Master program in Geotechnical Engineering and Management (GEM) emphasizes on solving of geotechnical problems related to soft and thick clay deposits facing infrastructure development of major cities in the Red River and Mekong delta (i.e., Hanoi, HCM City, Can Tho etc.), and expecially for construction of oil and gas facilities on the coastal areas.
   The participants will be provided opportunity to apply up-to-date knowledge in geotechnical engineering and management for infrastructure development projects, including site investigation, geoexploration, soil characterization, soil improvement, tunneling in soft ground, foundation design, computational geotechnics, mitigation of the geo-hazards.
     Offered by one of the most prestigious geotechnical engineering programs in Asia, the PME-GEM program caters to the major geotechnical and construction companies (local and overseas), operating in Vietnam.
     The program was first launched on April 2009 with students from well-known companies in the South of Vienam, (i.e., Anh Vu GeoTechnical and civil engineering Co. Ltd, Tedisouth, PortCoast, HEC II, Technical World, Nam Khang, CDCo Consultant company, Gia Doan Construction and Trading Co. Ltd),.Sai Gon Construction Quality Control Co. (SCQC).ect. Following the successes of the first, the second batch, and the third batch  in HCM city, the first intake in Ha Noi is opened in January 2012.  We are now open for application for the fourth intake in HCM city  and the second intake in Hanoi .


The selection to the program is based on several criteria such as academic qualifications, experience and level of responsibility of the applicant. An interview may also be arranged before the final selection is made.
  • Hold a 4 years bachelor degree or equivalent in Engineering or Science Geology, Geotechnical engineering, Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering, Geophysics or other related fields.
  • Professinal staffs with at least two years of working experiences in Infrastructure development
  • Proficiency in English that meet AIT requirement
AIT is an international institute with English as the sole language of instruction. Admission tto AIT requires proof of English language proficiency which may be satisfied in any of the following.
  • Submission of an official test score from any of the following standardized English exams IELTS, TOEFL, ICE TEFOW, AITEIT, GRE ( Analytical Writing), the minimum scores for admission are shown in the table below.

  • AIT ENGLISH INTERVIEW TEST SCORES (AITEIT). AITEIT is administrated by AIT Language Unit and is applicable only to applicants in Thailand. For details, please contact
Applicant who does not have proof of English language proficiency (equivalent to paper-based TOEFL 500) can apply for the English Test offered by AIT.

Interested applicants who meet the qualifications for admission can download application forms at: To apply for admission, applicants must submit:

  • A completed AIT application form 
  • A certified copy of undergraduate certificate (in English).
  • A certified official student transcript (in English).
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • TOEFL (Internet-based: 61, Computer-Based: 173, or Paper-Based: 500), IELTS (5.0) or a Certificate of English proficiency


Students who expect to obtain a Professional Master of Engineering (PME) degree in Geotechnical Engineering and Management (GEM) will need to complete a 33-credit curriculum, consisting of 24 credits of course work and 9 credits of project work and/or customized courses over a period of 12 months (8 months of course work + 3 months of project work/customized courses). In the first and second semesters, students will take subjects/courses in the following subjects

August-December Semester (12 credits)
  • Practical Soil Engineering  
  • Foundation Engineering and Design 
  • Engineering Geology 
  • Instrumentation and Advanced Soil Testing

June-May Semester (12 credits)

  •  Ground improvement & Geosysthetics
  •  Underground Excavation and Tunneling
  •  Geotechnical Investigation & Exploration
  •  Risk Management for Infrastructure Development and Planning  
June-December Internship Trip (9 credits): Internship at a major Geotechnical company in the SE Asia.


Each course is separated in two modules. Duration of a module is a week from Monday through Saturday. The students need to spend about two weeks per month to attend two the classes as scheduled below:
  •  Monday: 18h00 – 21h00
  •  Tuesday: 18h00 – 21h00 
  • Wednesday: 18h00 – 21h00 
  • Thurday: 18h00 – 21h00 
  • Friday: 18h00 – 21h00 
  • Saturday: 09h00 – 12h00 & 13h30 – 16h30

SET industry day on 29 May 2010

          The AIT specific Seminar “Engineering the Future – An Innovative Development and Application for Sustainable Development”, organized by the Asian Institute of Technology at Sofitel Hotel on 29 May 2010. 
          The Seminar aimed at sharing of the achievements in research and education in Engineering in the fields that AIT has strong expertised: Civil Engineering and Infrastructure, Information Communication and Technology, Industrial Systems Engineering. The Seminar was the chance for leading experts, AIT professors share reviews and research and application experiences with Vietnamese experts and researchers in the same areas.
          The seminar speakers are leading experts invited from International companies/industries and AIT professors in the fields of Civil engineering and Infrastructure Management (CEIM), Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Industrial System Engineer (ISE) whose recent achievements have well been recognized  as “engineering the future for sustainable development”.

Cost of study

Please contact PME-GEM program staff for more details.