Hong Duc University and AIT to collaborate in International higher education

Hong Duc University and the Asian Institute of Technology have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to establish a comprehensive collaboration in International higher education and research as well as capacity building between the two institutes. The MOU was signed by Dr. Nguyen Song Hoan, Vice President for International Affairs, Hong Duc University and Prof. Said Irandoust, President, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) on 15 June 2010.
Hong Duc University and AIT to collaborate in International higher education
Dr. Nguyen Song Hoan and Prof. Said Irandoust
The scope of the MOU includes undergraduate and graduate education, as well as conduct of short courses and training programs. The two partners shall conduct joint research for the development of science and technology and submit joint proposals. A student, faculty and staff exchange program shall also be facilitated.

Hong Duc University, a leading provincial university was established in 1997 and has more than 10,000 studens and 600 faculty members. It is directly attached to the People’s Committee of Thanh Hoa Procince and works under the authority of the state management from the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) of Vietnam.

The delegation from Hong Duc University included Dr. Hoang Dinh Hai, International Education Center, Hong Duc University; Mr. Nguyen Huu Hoan, Head of Social and Cultural Education, Board of Thanh Hoa Provincial People's Council; Dr. Le Tat Hai, Director of Thanh Hoa Children‘s Hospital; Dr. Mai Xuan Thao, Dean of Faculty of Natural Sciences, Hong Duc University; Dr. Hoang Dung Sy, Chief of Department of Accreditation and Examination, Hong Duc University; Mr. Dang Xuan Kinh, Chief of Inspectoral Department, Hong Duc University; Dr. Pham Minh Dieu, Dean of Faculty of Primary Teacher Training, Hong Duc University; Mr. Pham Anh Duc, Chief of Student Affairs Department, Hong Duc University; Mr. Nguyen Van Hieu, Deputy of Chief of Academic Affairs Department, Hong Duc University; Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Quy, Vice Director of Military Education Center, Hong Duc University ; Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong, Head of English Department, Hong Duc University; and Dr. Nguyen Thi Hanh, Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Hong Duc University.

Representatives from AIT included Dr. Nitin V. Afzulpurkar, Dean, School of Engineering and Technology (SET); Dr. Pham Huy Giao, SET; Ms. Tiamkare Thitithamtada, Program Officer, ERCO and Ms. Tripti Rajbhandari, Program Officer, SET.

AIT ranks top in all four engineering areas on research in Thailand, study says

A recent study by Thai Research Fund (TRF) on the research output of Thai universities confirms that Thailand-based Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) scored the highest rating in four engineering subject areas. This is the first time AIT participated in Thailand's nation-wide evaluation, based on the research output in 2007-2008.
In the recent official report received from TRF, AIT was rated the highest among all Thai universities in these four engineering subject areas: Civil and Infrastructure Engineering, Information and Communications Technology, Environmental Engineering and Management, and Industrial Systems Engineering.

The TRF Rating is based on the weighted average varied from ‘five’ to ‘one’ of the following four factors: Equivalent international journal papers per faculty member (weightage of 30 per cent); Journal impact factor per faculty member (weightage of 20 per cent); Total equivalent international journal papers for the entire subject cluster (weightage of 30 per cent); and Total journal impact factors for the entire subject cluster (weightage of 20 per cent).

Based on the above TRF criteria, AIT’s engineering fields of study still received the highest overall rating in comparison with those programs in Thai universities. This is despite the disadvantage of AIT’s limited faculty size as a postgraduate institution.
The details reveal that in all cases AIT stands out in the two “per-head” factors, implying the highest order of research productivity and quality of its individual faculty members.

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