Hanoi geoengineering 2010

The International Symposium on 
    Urban Geoengineering, Earth Resources and Sustainability
                                                              in the context of climate change. 

Revenue:  Le Van Thiem Conference Hall, Vietnam National University, Hanoi
                22-23 November 2010.

Hanoi Geoengineering 2010 continues on the basis of the 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2007 Hanoi GeoEngineering, which has become a traditional and familiar international symposium, jointly organized by Vietnam national University,  Hanoi (VNU) and Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in close collaboration with other overseas and national partners. The symposium is aimed at developing the better collaboration between overseas and Vietnamese engineers and scholars.

Theme of the Hanoi GeoEngineering 2010 Symposium is “Urban Geoengineering and Sustainability in the Context of Climate Change”. With an unprecedented booming and expansion of urban areas in Vietnam in the early 21st century the activities related to education, and research in geological, geotechnical, geoenvironmental and geophysical engineering have to be more promoted and active to meet the needs of the country of today and in future.

Symposium Major topics:
-          Geotechnical Engineering and Urban Infrastructure development
-          Earth resources and environment
-          Geohazards and Georisks
-          Human and energy Security Engineering
-          Geoexploration and Petroleum Engineering
-          Vulnerability assessment and risk management of climate change

-          Dr. Noppadol Phien-wej, AIT
-          Prof. D. T. Bergado, AIT
-          Prof. Nguyen Thi Kim Oanh, AIT
-          Prof. Toshifumi Matsuoka, Kyoto University, Japan
-          Prof. Yusuke Watabe, Gifu University, Japan
-          Dr. Yoichi Watanabe, ATC12 & Par1, Japan
-          Dr. Jang Seonghyung, KIGAM, South Korea
-          Prof. Freek van Der Meer, ITC, the Netherlands
-          Prof. Andreas Weller, Clausthal University, Germany
-          Dr. Nguyen Van Thuan, DRMG, Vietnam
-          Dr. Nguyen Truong Tien,, VSSMGE, Vietnam
-          Dr. Trinh Minh Thu, HWRU, Vietnam
-          Dr. Nguyen Viet Ky, VNU-HCMC, Vietnam
-          Dr. Rajinder Bhasin, NGI, Norway
-          Dr. Phan Ngoc Trung, VPI, Vietnam
-          Dr. Pham Van Long, VinaMekong Engineering, Vietnam

-          Prof. Bui Duy Cam, HUS-VNU
-          Mr. Oddvar Kjedstad, NGI
-          Prof. Nguyen Hoang Luong, HUS-VNU
-          Dr. Nguyen Van Vuong, HUS-VNU
-          Dr. Do Minh Duc, HUS-VNU
-          Dr. Vu Van Tich, HUS-VNU
-          Dr. Nghiem Huu Hanh, VGI
-          Dr. Tran Tan Van, VIGMR
-          Dr. Nguyen Hong Minh, VGI
-          Dr. Nguyen Nhu Trung, CCOP
-          Prof. Mai Thanh Tan, VAG
-          Dr. Tran Manh Lieu, VNU
-          Mr. Phan Duy Nga, HUS-VNU

-          Prof. Mai Trong Nhuan, VNU (chairman)
-          Dr. Pham Huy Giao, AIT (Co-Chairman)
-          Prof. Hiroyashi Ohtsu, Kyoto University (Co-chairman)

Organized by
-          Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU)
-          Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
-          Kyoto University (KU)
-          International Institute for Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC)
-          Vietnam Petroleum Institute (VPI), PetroVietnam

With the support and collaboration of
-          Global center of excellence (GCoE) Kyoto-AIT
-          Vietnam society of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering (VSSMGE)
-          Vietnam-Norway Co-operation Program on Geohazards (VINOGEO)
-          Vietnam geotechnical Institute (VGI)
-          AIT center in Vietnam (AITCV)
-          Asian Technical Committee, ATC 12, ISSMGE
-          The coordinating Committee for Geoscience Programs in East and Southeast Asia (CCOP)
-          Asia-Pacific Network for Global change research (APN)
-          Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (HUMG)
-          Hanoi Water Resources University (HWRU)
-          Vietnam Association of engineering geology and environment (VAEGE)
-          Vietnam Association of Geophysicists (VAG)

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