Seminar on "Geotechnical in context of Climate change "

The seminar organized by the PME-GEM program at AITVN, HCM city on 29 March 2011. Prof. Hiroyasu Ohtsu from Kyoto University and Dr.Pham Huy Giao from Asian Institute of Technonoly are two speakers of the seminar. We were pleasure to welcome 28 participants from well-known companies and organizations in Ho Chi Minh city such as Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology,  Postcoast Consultant Company,  Hoa Binh Wisdom Consultant Company, SCQC, VINACONEX JSC, Urban Upgrading Project Management Unit of People's Commintee of Ho Chi Minh city, Construction Consultancy & Design JS Company-Construction Corporation No.1, HCMC Institute of Resources Geography Vietnam, Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), Gia Doan Consultant Company, Ho Chi Minh city University of Transports and Communication, and Nam Khang Consultant Company.

After a short introduction speech about AIT and AIT in Vietnam by Ms. Lan Anh- the presentative of AITVN in HCM city, Prof. Hiroyasu presented a research on "Monitoring and early warning of landslide" applied for some locations in Thailand and Japan, it was interesting lecture that attracted many participants, especially the participants from Ho Chi Minh city University of Technology. The discussion took place during the presentation shortening the  Q and A section in the end of the Seminar's agenda.

"The difficulties in Detection of natural and man-made underground cavities" was presented by Dr.Pham Huy Giao. In this research, he talked about the causes of the formation of the underground cavities or hole in some locations in Thailand and Vietnam. The "deadhole" term found in some roads in Ho Chi Minh city that seen in some news or papers was well discussed and pointed out that it is just sinkholes causing by some nature or man-made. The advantages and disadvantages on applying the Geophysical methods in detection of the underground cavities such as Ground Penetration Rada , GPR or Electric Imaging, EI (the combining of Electric Profilling and Vertical Electric Sounding) were presented. Dr.Pham Huy Giao suggested that before applying these methods in the field, a forward modelling should be generated to be able to choose the suitable array or antena for the equiments.

Dr.Pham Huy Giao ended his talk by a short introduction on the Proffesional Master Program in Geotechnical Engineering and Management, the program establised by his idea to bring a strong program in geotechnical education and training to help develop a highly qualified human resources in this field for Vietnam. The program started on April 2009 and the third bath of the program is going to opened on September 2011. The flexible program designed for working staffs and it is improved after each runing intake.

The success of the seminar is also contributed by the Q and A section that started by the questions from participants interested in applying to PME-GEM program and ended by the sharing of the study experiences and achievements from AIT alumni (Mr.Hau from Upgrading Project Management Unit) and PME-GEM student (Mr.Binh from Gia Doan Consultant Company).

The coming seminar will be organized with the success of this seminar. More geotechnical problems will be discussed in addition to build up a network of sharing and solving problems for subtainable development of infrastructure in Vietnam.