Instrumentation and Advanced Soil Testing Class at Technical World's Laboratory

On 26 November 2011, GEM students came with Dr.Seah to Technical World's Laboratory to study on advanced equipments for Lab and Field testing, their operation and parameters that those equipments may achieve.


A few second of rules in the English essay:

1. Be straightforward (nói thẳng vấn đề), precise (ngắn gọn súc tích), giving details, evidences (cho ví dụ)

2. Using SHORT paragraph and SINGLE sentence

3. Clear format is important (line indent (thụt đầu dòng), paragraph spacing):

INTRODUCTION (1 paragraph)

BODY ( > 2 paragraphs)

CONCLUSION (1 paragraph)

4. Using bridge words for natural transition (Sử dụng từ nối cho bài van mạch lạc):

• To show addition (Thêm vào đó là):

Besides, In addition, Moreover, Furthermore, Equally important, [Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly, Finally/ Last but not least]

• To give examples (Vi dụ là):

For example, For instance, In fact, Specificially (Cụ thể là)

• To compare and contrast (Mặc dù, Tuy nhiên, ..):

- Although, Even though, Despite : Mặc dù

- However, nevertheless: Tuy nhiên

- On the contrary: Ngược lại

- On the other hand: Mặt khác

• To show time:

After, Afterward, As long as (Miễn là), As soon as (ngay khi), At last/ Finally, Meanwhile (trong khi đó), Subsequently (kết quả là), Later, Then (rồi thì)

• To indicate logical relationship (vì vậy):

Accordingly, So, hence, As a result, because, Consequently, Therefore, Thus

• To summarize (nói túm lại):

All in all, In conclusion, In other words, In short, In summary, On the whole, Therefore, To sum up

5. Paragraph

Each paragraph should have a topic sentence, then comes three or five supporting sentences