Opening Ceremony the first intake of PME-GEM in Hanoi

On 31 January 2012, AITVN organized the opening ceremony for the first intake of PME-GEM program in Hanoi.  The opening ceremony is organized right after TET; the starting of program is marked of the first cooperation between AIT and FECON for training part of the MOA. Attending the opening ceremony were representatives of AIT, Coordinator, Geotechnical and Earth Resources Engineering Field study and PME-GEM program coordinator- Dr. Pham Huy Giao; AITVN Director- Dr. Amrit Bart; and FECON, General Director, FECON, Mr. Pham Viet Khoa, Director, Foundation Engineering Institute -Dr.  Le Quang Hanh, students from FECON and DELTA, and other concerned officers from AITVN and FECON.