The 10th Geotechnical seminar on "Development of Underground Space in Urban Area: Tendency and Challenges"

Underground space development is an irreversible trend especially in urban environments. At this time the underground facilities have proved their usefulness in terms of efficiency and environmental friendliness. However, the design, construction, monitoring, maintain, and management of underground projects require high technology, new techniques, and comprehensive knowledge in geotechnical, environmental geology, hydrogeology, management, finance,  and other related fields.
 Professional Master Program in Geotechnical Engineering and Management (PME-GEM), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) and FECON-Foundation Engineering & Underground Construction JSC (FECON) are pleased to invite you to attend a seminar on “Development of Underground Space in Urban Area: Tendency and Challenges”. In this seminar, the Tendency and Strategy of the Underground Space Development and as well as the relevant experience on the Underground construction and related constraints & potential problems will be discussed through the presentations of the AIT faculty and FECON’s experts.
Time:  9:00-12:00, 07 September 2012
Registration fee: 100,000 VND/Pax (including materials and tea break)
Venue:            AITVN, Building 3B, University of Transport and Communications
Language:  English

To register your participation please send email to (AITVN) or (FECON).

AIT expert seminars in Geotechnical Engineering

Since 2008, AIT has successful organized of 9 expert seminars in Geotechnical Engineering aiming to share the achievements in research and education in this field with Vietnamese experts and researchers.  The Seminars were organized by AITVN or by AITVN and AIT’s partners (joint seminars) in both Ha Noi and HCM city. The seminars attracted more than 40 participants per each seminar, the seminars were organized in accordance to the following topics were discussed. 

1.       The first seminar in June 2008 on “Some Geotechnical Challenges and Solutions for Infrastructure Development”
                                 i.            Some advances in Characterization of soft clay and application of near-surface geophysical techniques in geotechnical engineering.
                               ii.            Ground Improvement Technology for Vietnam soft soil
                              iii.            Stiffened deep mixing method (SDCM) using cement clay admixture 

2.       The second seminar in March 2009 on “Construction and Development of Infrastructure in Vietnam- Trend and Challenge”
                                 i.            Geotechnical Engineering and Management for infrastructure Development 

3.       The third seminar in 2010 on“ Engineering the Future-An innovative Development application for Sustainable Development”
                                 i.            Flood control for the Chao Phraya River and Bangkok Flood Protection and Drainage
                               ii.            Earthquake Engineering 

4.       The forth seminar in March 2011 on “Geotechnical in context of Climate change”
                                 i.            Monitoring and Early warning of landslide, experiences in Japan and Thailand
                               ii.            Detection of natural and man-made underground cavities 

5.       The fifth seminar in June 2011 on “Urban Deep excavation and Tunnelling” 

6.       The 6th  seminar in April 2012 on “New geotechnical code developments in Japan and the world” 

7.       The 7th  seminar in April 2012 on “ Landslide monitoring in Thailand and lesson for Vietnam” 

8.       The 8th seminar in May 2012 on “ Soft soil treatment for HCM-Long Thanh- Dau Giay Expressway” 

9.       The 9th seminar in May 2012 on “ Infrastructure engineering and Development”
                                 i.            Analysis of groundwater recovery and consolidation and their effect on substructure
                               ii.            Highway technology
The 10th seminar will be organized soon on coming months, if you were not be able to attend mentioned seminar, should not miss the coming seminar. We will keep on post to you on that.